House Painting in Brisbane

The colors of your house tell your story

When you look at the houses of your friends and families, you probably come across different themes, colour combinations, and patterns. In Brisbane, the paint colors and shades of the houses tell their story. It is an expression of the personas of the people living in them, whether it is a Queenslander home or a new apartment on the Brisbane river

Read on the learn more about what the colors of your house tell the world about you!

A Love for Softer, Warmer Shades

It’s straight and simple – if you bend towards warm and soft shades like soft yellows, warm light greens, bright beiges, creamy light off-whites, baby pinks, and toned-down peaches, then it is highly likely that you have a humble, bubbly and toned-down personality. It signifies people who love the company of their friends and families and having them over. It showcases the warmth in them and their wish to make their guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Highly-skilled painters in Brisbane understand why people love these shades and have a soft, warm palette ready for their customers. Warm, bright colors make your rooms look inviting and serene. They are a delight in winters and the key to cozy living.

The Never-Ending Craze for Softer, Cooler Shades

If you are drawn towards breezy blues, subtle lavenders, soft greys, mellowed-down browns, and cool whites, then you’re a fan of softer, cooler shades. People who prefer soft and cool shades love their peace of mind and strongly believe in harmony. They wish to bring the elements of mother nature into their homes and create a tranquil environment. Sounds so relaxing, doesn’t it? These people love their homes and hate wandering the streets even on weekends. Their home is their go-to place. House painters in Brisbane believe that cooler, milder shades make the room look bigger.

The Limitless Desire of Bright, Dazzling Shades

There are Queenslander homes in Brisbane, which are adorned with gorgeous vibrant and dazzling shades from the inside. Shiny yellows, bright oranges, deep reds, wonderful violets, and pretty bottle greens – these shades denote energy and enthusiasm. Even though the houses appear to be toned-down from the outside, they are painted with these incredible shades from the inside. People who paint their houses using bright, dazzling shades are known to be outgoing, full of energy, and glamorous. They do not believe in simplicity and always want the “extra” factor in their lives. They want to be different from the crowd and make heads turn. These shades are an excellent way to make your rooms look unique, chic, and stylish. If your bedroom has plain white furniture and white-lacy bedroom linen and carpets, these shiny-bright jewel tones will add life to your room.

The bottom-line

As the popular saying goes – to each, his own. When you narrow-down the paint color choices for your home, you just go with what your eyes love, and your heart desires. Know that your house colors tell your story.  

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