Displaying Australian Canvas Art: Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

You’ve invested both your time and money in buying the best Australian canvas artwork piece. Now, artworks are considered as an integral part of decorating your house. Therefore, you should make sure that you can display it correctly. Here are the following most common mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to showing your Australian canvas art.

Placing the artwork above eye level

As a general rule, do not put your artwork too high otherwise the viewer would feel as if the wall is looming over him as he sees the artwork. It’s also very awkward, turning up your head for a couple of seconds just to appreciate an artwork. To avoid this mistake, you can start by evaluating the hanging heights of your house and place it where the eye can comfortably view the artwork.

Not considering the scale

There’s this “something is wrong” feeling whenever you hang an artwork too small for a living space that calls for something big. It works the same with placing a too big of artwork in a tiny room that you feel suffocated instead of appreciating the artwork. As much as possible, you should consider the scale of the place to make sure that you aren’t buying too small nor too big of artwork. It should look intentional and not distract at all.

Choosing an artwork that matches the rest of the house

In selecting an artwork, it’s not compulsory that you pick a piece that matches the color scheme of your home. You can always try bolder colors and let it stand out. Some contemporary houses look good with classic artworks hanging on the walls. Just don’t limit your choices to the color scheme that matches the architectural style of your home.

Covering up space with artworks

If you are trying to create a gallery wall, you do not need to fill every single space of the wall with artworks. Few artworks hanging on the wall will do the trick. Consider the negative space this time around. A wall with three pieces of artworks will look great compared to a full wall of artworks.

Not hanging it properly

Have you ever seen scenes from a movie wherein the artworks seem to tilt every time someone slams the door or furniture is moved? Well, that is because only one nail is supporting the artwork. Because it’s a masterpiece we are talking about, you should consider investing in the right hanging tools to make sure that your artwork is hung securely on your wall and stay that way unless someone intentionally disarranges it.

Now that you know the most common mistakes to avoid when displaying an Australian canvas artwork make sure that you keep these tips in mind. Artwork, regardless if the artists are award-winning, famous or not, deserves to be displayed correctly in the comfort of your living room. Just be considerate and place yourself in the shoes of the artist. How would you want the artwork to be showcased in your house? Be creative in placing it, that’s all there is.

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